Michael Lemer Pottery
Tea Pot Medium, Green & Brown Wavey Lines
Home Cups, Mugs and Goblets Plates, trays and Platters Bowls, and Baking Dishes Teapots & Pitchers Jars and Lidded Containers Crackle Glass Vases Other Interesting Items Michael
Private Pottery Lessons
  • $75.00 (each person) for 2 hours of Private Instruction


  • $125.00 (each person) for 2 hours of Private Instruction
  • (includes 1 hour return visit to ready items for 1st firing)
  • (includes return visit to glaze items)
  • My home studio
    598 Templeton Ave, Winnipeg (North end of the city)
Contact Information
Learn at your own pace
What is included?
  • You will have your own wheel to use
  • Tools are included.  No need to buy your own for the classes.
  • Clay will be included. No need to buy your own for the classes.
  • Firing your work is included
Learning about clay
  • What is clay
  • How to wedge and ready the clay for use
  • Recycling clay
Introduction to "throwing" on the potters wheel
  • Creating the cylinder (the basics of all forms on the wheel).
  • Making bowls, cups, and plates. You are limited only by your own imagination and abilities
Introducing hand building
  • Create your piece of art with nothing but your hands
Using the slab roller
  • What you can do with a slab of clay will amaze you
  • Introducing textures and effects
Basics of electric kiln firing
  • You will learn to bisque (semi-cooking) the clay.
  • Then glaze firing your creations
Basics of glazing
  • What is glaze.
  • Glaze techniques (dipping, spraying, brushing)