Michael Lemer Pottery


598 Templeton Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.  R2V 3R5

Phone (204) 891-6215    Email to michaellemer@shaw.ca   www.facebook.com/michaellemerpottery    

We accept Visa and MasterCard and American Express. Please contact us for pricing.

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Tea Pot Medium, Green & Brown Wavey Lines
Cups, Mugs and Goblets Plates, Trays and Platters Bowls, Casseroles and Baking Dishes Teapots and Pitchers
Honey Jars
Jam Jars
and Lidded Containers
Table and Floor
Crackle Glass Pieces Other interesting Items

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All of the pieces shown here are created either on a potters wheel or by hand.
All pieces are unique. Even for "production" wares, each piece has it's own distinct personality. Production does not have to mean a cookie-cuter assembly line.
Custom orders are encouraged. Feel free to call and discuss your ideas.
Custom orders can usually be completed in approximately 2 weeks
Reasonable pricing is based on size and complexity of the piece.
This website is intended to showcase past and current offerings.
Items shown may not be available, but the ideas are!
All items are lead free and food safe.
All pieces except for fractured glass are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Each piece is hand made, and unique. Items can range in size from the small to 27” tall.
The perfect gift for yourself or someone else.
These creations are ideal as display art or for functional everyday usage.


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