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Tea Pot Medium, Green & Brown Wavey Lines
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What's New...

New ideas and special requests.  Here are the newest items that I have been working on.

New for April 18, 2017


Butter Dishes

Every show we do, we get asked if I can or would make butter s=dishes that hold a full pound of butter   Super hard to find!

Well, here they are!

Butter dish
Chocolate Brown with Blue/Green Drip
Butter dish
Golden Brown with Blue/Green Drip
Butter dish
Golden Brown with Blue/Green Drip
Canada Maple Leaf Mug
    Canada Maple Leaf Mug
Regular 18-20 oz Beer Mug with Maple Leaf Carved.

"Frosting" Style Stoneware.
With the frosting items, I create the piece in the normal manner, but before it is dry, I apply a coating of clay slip and then I 'frost' it as you would the frosting on a cake.
The true beauty of the frosting is achieved by spraying the green glaze over the brown in a particular manner.

"Frosting" Tea Pot   "Frosting" Cups   "Frosting" Tea Pot
Frosting Vase   Frosting Vase   Frosting Vase
"Tin Ceiling" Stoneware.
This effect is derived by impressing by first impressing a large tin ceiling tile onto a large slab of clay. That slab is then moved to the potters wheel where it is formed into the bowl or platter and then creating the textured rim.
"Tin Ceiling" Bowl (Side View)   "Tin Ceiling" Bowl (Top View)   "Tin Ceiling" Platter
Yarn Bowls
Perfect for the knitter to keep your wool in place.
A great tool, a terrific organizer, or a unique centerpiece.
Yarn Bowl - Large   Yarn Bowls - Large, Medium, & Small 
(With Knitting Needle Holder)
  Yarn Bowl - Small
(Perfect for Crocheting)
Chocolate Brown Dinner Set
Serving Platter, Dinner Plate, Side Plate   Dinner Plate, Side Plate Soup/Salad Bowl   Serving Platter, Serving Bowl